ZSAPP: Prawn Farm 2
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On December, 18 2013, SIAF's Investor Tour visited Prawn Farm 2, known formally as Zhongshan A Power Prawn Culture Farms Development Co., Ltd. (ZSAPP). Progress at PF2 since last year is immediately stunning. There are nearly three times the operational facilities as on 2012's tour.

Prawn Farm 2, taken near entrance gate. A similar photo, from September 2012, can be seen on Facebook.

Last year, the Company raised only Mexican White (Litopenaeus vannamei) prawn fries and fingerlings, with 16 indoor tanks. Additions this year include Giant River Prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii), and Flower Pattern Eels. Now that Prawn Farm 2 is in full production, the entire life cycle of prawns can be seen progressing -- from female broodstock to mother prawns ready to lay eggs, from fries to fingerlings to maturing prawns.

Workers at Prawn Farm 2 lower water levels to harvest egg-laying mother prawns

Mother prawns, about to be transferred to egg-laying tanks.

Mother prawn, full of eggs, from SIAF's 2 year old broodstock.

The Company's hatchery facility also raises Flower Pattern Eels, and has a few tanks of five day old and several week old eels.

Flower Pattern Eels, several weeks old. A video of five day old eels can be viewed on Facebook.

The Hatchery

Flower Pattern Eel tanks.

The hatchery buildings for both prawns and eels that had been under construction last year are now in production. The Mexican White tanks were undergoing winter maintenance, before refilling and restocking.

These tanks were recently emptied of Mexican White Prawns that were moved to the Open Dams.

Giant River Prawn tanks that did not exist a year ago are now in full operation. Green Prawn and Giant River Prawn fingerlings command prices approximately 2.8 times higher than Mexican White prices.

Our Giant River Prawns.

PF2's facilities include employee quarters, a laboratory, and a classroom used to train local prawn farmers in modern methods and best practices of prawn farming. Classes are held monthly and fully attended. As with all of the Company's subsidiaries and joint ventures, local farmers are part of Sino Agro Food's cooperative, socially conscientious business model.

The Laboratory at Prawn Farm 2 on left. Classroom furniture was rearranged for the group meal.

There are new sets of APRAS tanks under construction, as well as new open dams being constructed.

New tanks nearly completed.

New open dams under construction.

The site's sights served to verify the latest and projected sales figures and capacities:
During the third quarter, 2013, Zhongshan A Power Prawn Culture Farms Development Co., Ltd. (ZSAPP) sold 258M Mexican White fingerlings at an average price of RMB165/10,000 fingerlings, and over 100M Big Giant Prawn fingerlings at an average price of RMB460/10,000 fingerlingsThe design capacity of Phase I is 1.6B fingerling and 400 MT of prawns, increasing to 3.2B fingerlings and 1,200 MT of prawns through Phases II and III.

Employees at the facility (left). View from outside classroom toward PF2 entrance (right).

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