Zhongshaw New Prawn Project (ZSNPP) rendering
Zhongshan New Prawn Project

In Guangdong province, between Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, and China’s Special Administrative Region of Macau, Sino Agro Food is developing the largest integrated and sustainable indoor aquaculture project in the world.

Located in the largest urban agglomeration on our planet, the New Zhongshan Prawn Project commands 1,300 acres of valuable land on the Pearl River estuary. Over 600 acres will showcase the Company’s A Power Recirculating Aquaculture System (APRAS). Target production is 300,000 MT of aquaculture products per year by 2035.

Known as “the Mega Farm,” the project is unprecedented in size and scope, and promises to be a model of sustainable farming practices. It will continue to advance the use of environmentally, biologically, and socially responsible technologies that support and promote Zhongshan’s progressive urban development plans.

Solomon Lee and Deputy Mayor Xie holding plan of Zhongshan Prawn Project
SIAF CEO Solomon Lee and Mr. Xie, Deputy Mayor of Zhongshan, hold a map of the project. The bridge they stand on is shown on the map crossing the area of the new prawn farm.

Zhongshan Prawn Project updates are posted on the Company's social media outlets. Click below for a compilation of these:
Zhongshan Prawn Project Updates & Images.

History of the Project

As announced on March 4, 2014, Sino Agro Food, Inc.'s wholly-owned subsidiary, Capital Award, Inc., has entered an agreement to supply technology, consulting services, and management to develop a very large indoor shrimp and prawn aquaculture facility over the next 20 years in Zhongshan. Additionally, Capital Award will distribute the production output of the prawn project to its wholesale and retail networks.

This project is a part of Zhongshan's regional development plans.

Zhongshan Prawn Project Brochure

The Company presentation that was developed for a Chinese audience has been translated to English. Download the PDF version of the Zhongshan Prawn Project Information Presentation by clicking on the document image below.


The Company compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the project, and distributed an earlier version to journalists. We have clarified, amended, and expanded our answers in this updated version. Download the PDF version of the Project FAQ by clicking on the document image below.

Pre-construction Photos

The following images from December, 2013 depict early site preparation at the Zhongshan prawn project.


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