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Update: Plans for Aquafarms 1 and 2

Two new fish species currently being harvested at Aquafarm 2, and planned for Aquafarm 1, are highlighted in a new television segment aired by Guangzhou NanFang TV, the latest in a series:

-恩平 20170807 from Sino Agro Food, Inc. on Vimeo.

Pearl Grouper

Tri-way intends to dedicate its AF1 facility in Enping to raising a branded Pearl Grouper product. Stock is purchased from coastal farms at 350 to 500 gram/fish, then fattened and grown to 1.2 to 1.4 kg, the optimal size to realize current wholesale market prices exceeding USD 12/kg.

SIAF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Anthony Ostrowski, Ph.D., has provided more information about both species here:




At AF2, Tri-way is currently raising Empurau (translated as “unforgettable”), an especially prized delicacy. The current wholesale market price in Malaysia for wild-captured live Empurau is USD 320/kg. AF2 has procured over 10,000 fingerlings measuring 3 cm. each and grown them to 250 – 300 grams. The optimal market size is 2 kg, which is projected for this batch in mid-2018. Though slow growing, the key benefits of this species are price and the positive branding effect of adding a super high-end fish to Tri-way’s product line of safe, healthy, indoor harvested seafood.

The Empurau population has been dwindling in its native habitat as a result of hunting by anglers, fishers and others, mainly as a result of the high demand and premium pricing this species fetches from the market. Triway’s effort, if goes as planned, will contribute toward helping to curb the decimation of its wildlife population, while maintaining production at levels capable of continually garnering a premium return from the market.

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