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Agricultural Enterprises Go Hand in Hand with Scientific Research Institutions

The Torch Development District for high tech companies in Zhongshan has set up a new provincial modern agricultural R & D institution.

Translated from:
Zhongshan Daily
Reporter: Tan Hua Jian

Several scientific research institutions and an agriculture enterprise have collaborated to establish a new type of modern research and development institution,  “Zhongshan Collaborative Innovation Application Research Institute.” The inauguration ceremony was held October 13, 2017.

The collaboration relies on technology and operational experience provided by Sino Agro Food, Inc., with the purpose of developing advanced techniques to provide green, environmentally friendly farming, and planting eco-industrial integration. 

The province level collaboration brings together Sino Agro Food, inc., Zhongshan City A Power Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhongshan City Hua Meng Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

District leaders introduced the new R & D institution to promote modern agriculture, creating a new mode of cooperation between the agricultural enterprises in the Torch Development District and the scientific research institutions and universities at the provincial level or above. The R&D institutions will bring together provincial plant protection experts, vegetable & fruit technology and innovation industrial teams, and the aquaculture industry team.

The collaboration will rely on strong technical support to accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements to promote collaborative research and speed the realization of agricultural modernization, industrialization and scaled production.

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