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Anthony C. Ostrowski, Ph.D.:

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Research & Development and Product Certification

SIAF CSO to Appear at Industry Conferences

Dr. Anthony Ostrowski, Sino Agro Food, Inc. (SIAF) Chief Scientific Officer and head of the company’s Research & Development and Product Certification division for aquaculture was invited to chair sessions and present at two separate professional conferences in China during November, 2017. Both presentations are expected to enhance the Company’s profile within China, as well as that of its newly established Hong Kong aquaculture subsidiary, Tri-way Industries, Ltd. (TW).

6th Annual World Congress on Aquaculture & Fisheries

On November 4, Dr. Ostrowski will present The SIAF APRAS Model: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century Aquaculture at the 6th Annual World Congress on Aquaculture & Fisheries, held in Shenzhen Nobember 3-5. This presentation will take place during the session entitled “Production Systems.” In addition, Dr. Ostrowski will serve as Co-Chair of this session.

The Congress brings together experts from around the world in both fisheries and aquaculture to discuss sustainability issues within these industry sectors.  A common theme touted by Dr. Ostrowski is the production strategy and market oriented approach used by the SIAF aquaculture division for the past several years, which will be continued by Tri-way Industries. As has been done in investor presentations, Dr. Ostrowski will discuss the phased growout/partial harvest strategy and economics of the model, the market driven approach that fosters other, alternative production strategies employed by the company, and the overall holistic management concept of the 3,600 mu Mega Farm. He will also provide some recent approaches towards improving the density at which giant freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) can be raised at TW’s Aquafarm 4.

Dr. Ostrowski's conference abstract and bio is available for download. The website for the 6th Annual World Congress on Aquaculture & Fisheries is:

8th World Gene Convention

Soon afterward, Dr. Ostrowski will travel to Macao where he will chair the “Marine and Aquatic Biotechnology” session on November 14, at the 8th World Gene Convention. At this session he will present Importance of Pedigreed Breeding Programs for Shrimp Aquaculture in China: An Industry Perspective. Offering an insider’s view of shrimp production in China, he will discuss the impact of selective breeding on the industry, the missteps taken in China to mimic other programs, and what the country needs to do to establish its own credible pedigreed breeding programs.

Dr. Ostrowski has unique insight into this topic, having served as director and Executive Committee Chairman of the US Marine Shrimp Farming Consortium (USMSFC) Program for seven years, and for three years, as president & CEO of Oceanic Institute (OI) in Hawaii. OI, as one of seven research institutions that formed the 25-year long USMSFC Program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, established the world’s first and longest running selective breeding program for the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). The USMSFC, which ended in 2010, is largely credited with having changed the emphasis of world shrimp farming towards the Pacific white shrimp, with the distribution of genetic resources worldwide and groundbreaking shrimp disease, nutrition, and production system research and development. The OI breeding program was the first to distribute its genetic resources worldwide. Part of the overall strategy of SIAF is to develop pedigreed breeding programs for some of its target species, which Dr. Ostrowski will lead.

Dr. Ostrowski's abstract and bio for this conference is also available for download. The website for the 8th World Gene Convention is:

Copies of presentations from these conferences will be made available in late November.

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