New Boiler Installation at Aquafarm 4

Allows Year-round Aquaculture of Warm Water Species

A new boiler system is currently being installed for the indoor buildings at Aquafarm 4 (aka the Megafarm) in Zhongshan. This will allow indoor tanks to maintain optimum growing temperatures (26 – 28o C) during the winter months. During winter, ambient water temperatures can reach as low as 17 – 19o C. Just a few degrees cooler than optimum can reduce growth rate dramatically of warm-water fish and shrimp. These poikilothermic animals maintain body temperatures about that of the surrounding ambient water, and growth rate is directly proportional to temperature within an optimum range. For instance, Pacific white shrimp (L vannamei) stop growing and can die when water temperatures fall below 19o C and become heat stressed and can die at temperatures above 32o C.


In China, farming operations normally cease for about 3 months during winter (January – March), and no operational income is generated. The additional crops that can be obtained from an indoor RAS farm overcome the cost of the additional heating. Year-round production is essential to meet the operational plans and revenue goals for the indoor APM buildings at Aquafarm 4.


Heat will be provided to all tanks using a countercurrent heat exchange system. A stainless-steel radiator pipe is set within the influent chamber of each APM (A-power module) central water treatment corridor. Water is heated inside the boiler house using a diesel fuel. The heated water collects in a large storage tank and is pumped through thick (insulated) black piping into each building and to each APM unit. Heat-exchanged water is then sent back to the boiler through another set of black pipes. Each APM building is also insulated to reduce heat loss to the atmosphere.

The boiler will be completed by the beginning of the upcoming growing season, allowing perhaps an early start to stocking of the indoor tanks. It will be fully operational for the 2019 winter months, allowing year-round production starting in March or April of 2018.


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